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Making School Clothes for Elementary School Kids Exciting

For some kids, heading back to school is an important time of year where there’s lots of excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. In other cases, kids might need a little incentive and coaching to get into the back to school spirit. With my own kids, I have found that their level of excitement can change from year to year.
One of the ways that I keep them interested is by choosing exciting back-to-school clothes that are both personal and unique. There are a number of ways you can perform DIY hacks on standard clothes, and you can even buy customized clothes from boutique outlets such as DK Wittle Ones. I’m going to share my best tips so that you can find or make the best clothes for elementary school kids.

Repurpose Some of Your Existing Clothes

If you still have kid’s clothes that are in good condition, particularly plain clothes without prints or labels, then you can make these much more exciting with a simple ribbon or bow, and some fabric glue. For girls I find this tip to be incredibly useful. Take a look at any plain t-shirt and it won’t look overly exciting in the context of back-to-school clothes. One recent fashion trend is a large bow on the back of a dress or t-shirt. While you might have to pay more than what you’re comfortable with to buy one of these designs in a store, you can actually create your own at home when using bows that you can find online or in your local craft store.

A large ribbon bow on the back of a dress can dramatically improve the look, and you could even incorporate it into a back-side collar button if the dress has one. If the dress has a straight over the head collar, then you can apply a large ribbon using fabric glue. Make sure you choose a ribbon made from a quality material like cotton or polyester so that it will last as long as the dress does. For t-shirts, you can simply attach pretty bow ties to the sleeves. These will look great and add a unique touch that makes the back to school clothes fun and exciting. You can experiment with different colors and have your child help to pick out the bow designs.

Iron-On Transfers

Heat applied transfers are perfect for both boys and girls clothes for elementary school kids. There are literally thousands of designs available, and I find it’s a good activity to take my kids shopping for transfers, or we can simply browse for transfers online. Heat applied transfers are great because they can go on almost anything that is made from clothing fabric. They can be applied to canvas shoes, to denim, to backpacks, and of course on t-shirts and other cotton or blended clothing items. Transfers really allow your child to show their personality in their clothing, and you’ll love the design choices that they come up with. As an example, your daughter will love some simple silver glitter stars on a plain black t-shirt. It's even possible to get fully customized monogram transfers to be used when labeling backpacks, book bags, pencil bags, and other items.

Fabric Markers Allow for Fully Custom T-Shirts

If you want to allow your child to get truly creative on their clothing, then consider using fabric markers so that they can create their own artwork on a t-shirt. Keep in mind that you will need the t-shirt to be presentable, so you may need to guide them in their artwork, and you may need to buy a few plain t-shirts so that they can practice and then settle on the right design. I buy high-quality permanent fabric markers that have a strong pigment and a fine tip. It helps to put a t-shirt over a square board (a large cutting board works) and use clothing clips to keep it stable for painting on.

Custom Options from Children’s Boutiques

If you don’t want to go the DIY route, then you can purchase clothes from our online boutique. We have all sorts of back-to-school clothes, with modern designs that your child can choose from. The key to creating exciting back to school clothes is to use your imagination and allow your child to provide some input. By making it a family activity you can create or purchase items that your child will love using in the school year ahead.


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