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4 Baby Hair Accessories That Are Too Cute

Baby hair is mostly feathery and light until it starts to grow out, but even then the delicate strands can’t be put into any complicated hairstyle. Any parent, of course, will want to add just a little extra flair to their baby’s style without messing up their delicate locks. Here are five baby hair accessories I found that are just found too cute.

Baby Headbands

Baby headbands will take any baby’s outfit to the next level when topped off with a trendy finish. Baby headbands can typically come in solid colors, prints, and shapes for parents who want to veer off the beaten path. Newborn babies, in particular, don’t have a lot of hair for parents to work with if they want to do some styling. Headbands offer a great way to finish off a trendy style in a simple and classic fashion. Buy baby hair accessories online to get the best selection for your little, loved one.

1. Bow Headbands

Baby bow headbandsTying bows can be difficult, and that’s something of an understatement. I certainly can’t make those nice, perfect bows on even the best days. Instead, I usually opt for a bow headband that takes the stress out of tying a picture-perfect bow. Headbands should consist of a stretchy elastic to prevent pulling or snagging on delicate hair. The best part is that headbands are easy to throw on, so why not keep a couple on hand to match a baby’s outfit? They can help strike the right mood and with so many combinations, it’s hard not to find one that you like. When you buy baby hair accessories online, you’ll have plenty of choices, and I personally love the excitement of finding new designs.

2. Rose Headband

Flower Baby headbandI find that headbands are amazing for their convenience and functionality. They’re excellent for adding that air of sophistication to a newborn’s outfit, which can otherwise be difficult to pull off. The “flower in the hair” look is a popular one since it screams “adorable” the moment that people see it. A simple rose headband provides a great way to show off a flower in full bloom without all the hassle involved with using a real flower. You’ll find multiple rose headband designs when you choose to buy baby hair accessories online.

3. Emily Headband

Emily headbandI promise, these headbands are not just for a little girl named Emily. They can be used by all babies and they’re especially cute! These headbands take a bolder approach with coral stripes and a collection of three small, folded flowers set slightly off to the side. Made out of stretchy fabric, this style of headband is ideal for helping to hold back flyaway hair and bangs on a windy day. They’re incredibly comfortable and are great for even the fussiest of dressers when parents need their baby to look good, but want fashion that’s functional.

4. Top Knot Headbands

top knot baby heandbandThese headbands are more casual than chic, but they’re still great for those times when I’m looking for a completely different style for my baby. Great for helping to hold back bangs and keeping hairstyles in place, it’s hard to go wrong with the top knot. While it doesn’t say sophistication like other headbands, it’s certainly one of the most comfortable ones out there. Typically made from a jersey knit blend these bands are incredibly comfortable for a little one to wear without too much fuss. I absolutely adore these baby hair accessories, and I love the selection that is available when I buy baby hair accessories online! I can keep several of them on hand to finish off a trendy new outfit, ensuring my child is both comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


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