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Say Something Forever with a Personal Message on a Plush Toy or Pillow

When it comes to gift giving, particularly when people want to make sure that their sentiment is forever remembered, custom monogramming is the best choice. Gifts for children, such as plush toys and pillows, can be made more personal and more memorable when they are embroidered with messages. Anyone looking for the perfect gift to give to a newborn, toddler, or even an older child who loves collecting plush toys, should consider a personal message on their next purchase.

Which Toys and Items Are Most Suitable for Embroidered Messages?

Not every toy would be suitable for monogramming. Anyone considering the toy or item to be embroidered, should ensure that they’re choosing an item that offers a suitable amount of blank space where the message can be displayed. As an example, a pillow would allow for a significant amount of space for embroidery, particularly if the pillow has a very basic design. With plush toys, bears and other animals are best for adding personal messages, and our plush toys are specifically designed for customization. These toys will offer something of a ‘blank canvas’ so that they can be made unique with a heartfelt message.

What Can Be Embroidered on a Plush Toy?

Monogramming, in a technical sense, is the addition of initials or a name in a decorative fashion. If you're having custom embroidery on a soft toy or pillow done, you will be able to get much more than just a few letters. With a large enough toy, there will be space available for more than a few words. Whether the space is used for birthday wishes, as a commemoration of a birth, or any personal message, the choice of thread will have a big impact on how good the wording looks.
Embroidery can be done in a number of colors, and some companies will allow for custom fonts and simple graphics. A variety of different colors can be used in many cases, to make the text look as eye catching as possible. Being able to choose the color of the font, along with the color of the plush toy or pillow, will mean that the custom message will really stand out.

Embroidery is More Environmentally Friendly

Transfers and other methods of creating personal messages on plush toys, sometimes use chemicals in glue or dye, and generic transfers are usually created in large factories that leave a huge environmental footprint.
Anybody looking for a way to add a personal message that is both safe and environmentally friendly, will appreciate the simplicity of embroidery. The thread adds barely any material to the pillow or soft toy, which makes it an environmentally responsible and non-toxic way to get a message across. This will be particularly important for anyone who is giving a personal message gift to a baby, toddler, or child.

Affordable and Simple to Order

Personal messages on plush toys and pillows can be ordered from online suppliers, making the process simple and stress-free. The process is quick and affordable, and busy parents, family members, and friends, will love the convenience of being able to buy fully customized soft toys and pillows online.

A personalized plush or pillow is a gift that will always be remembered, and should be considered by anyone who is looking for a completely unique gift for a newborn or young child.


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