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When to Give a Baby a Pacifier

All babies develop a sucking reflex, and often for some, it happens before they are born. This not only helps the baby to develop a way to calm themselves, but it also aids in feeding and is all part of the natural cycle of growth. This is one of the reasons why pacifiers are so effective for babies, but it can be hard for parents to know when to give a baby a pacifier.
Any new parent can benefit from learning more about pacifiers, and how they should be used with their newborns.

What are the Benefits of Using a Pacifier?

Parents have used pacifiers like the classic binky pacifier, for a number of years. There are many benefits that can be gained from using a pacifier, and understanding these can help any parent to know when to give a baby a pacifier. A pacifier can be used to help relax a baby and help them to fall asleep. Babies that are highly active can be given a pacifier before bedtime, and many parents find that simply giving a baby a pacifier can get them to sleep within minutes. Even if it’s not quite time to sleep, a pacifier can soothe and calm an active baby, and can even prevent them from crying.

Another benefit of using a pacifier is that it offers a disposable solution that can stop a baby from sucking their fingers or thumbs. Weaning a child off of sucking their fingers can be extremely difficult, and the habit could continue while they’re a toddler and even into early childhood. By using a pacifier, it’s something that is disposable and can be gradually taken away from a child. For parents that travel often with their babies, particularly by airplane, a pacifier can become an essential tool. Not only will a simple device like a binky help to distract a baby and keep them content during a flight, it can also aid in regulating inner air pressure. Pressure changes in a flight cabin can cause distress and pain for babies, and they won’t yet have developed a swallowing or yawning reflex that can help to pop the ears and return pressure to normal. The constant movement of the pacifier can be a great help in this type of scenario.

What’s The Right Age When Deciding When to Give a Baby a Pacifier?

Parents that understand the benefits of using a binky will want to know how old a baby should be when they start using a pacifier. For most babies that are breast or bottle fed, it’s safe to start using a pacifier after their first month. Using a pacifier before this time can interfere with feeding and may become a distraction rather than a helpful parenting tool.

Special Pacifiers with Fun Designs

The classic binky is a timeless pacifier that virtually every parent will be familiar with. While a basic pacifier can serve its purpose, there are other options available that can provide visual stimulation for a child, and they also look great so parents will have no reservations about using them. One example is our Barkley Bull Dog Shakie, a pacifier that is placed on the end of a cute plushy bull dog with a soft rattle inside. Another benefit of using a paci plushie shakie buddie is that it will be easy to recognize and find whenever a parent needs to reach for it.

Babies can hug a plushy pacifier and it provides additional stimulation in addition to the sucking reflex. It also gives your infant something big enough they can handle. So it will be easy for them to hold and put in their own mouth when they want it. It also makes it easier to ween a child off of a pacifier, because the pacifier can simply be removed from the plushy, and a baby will still have something familiar to provide them comfort and relaxation. Parents that know when to give a baby a pacifier will find them to be indispensable as their child grows.


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