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Newborn Essentials List: 5 Perfect Gifts for Babies

Whether used to find gifts for friends and family or as a guide for new parents, this newborn essentials list of 5 items includes some of the most basic clothes and accessories that will be needed for any home with a newborn. From car seat canopies to baby rompers, these are some of the cutest and most useful newborn clothing items and accessories.

Baby Car Seat Canopy Cover
1. Baby Car Seat Canopy Cover

One of the most important items on this newborn essentials list, a canopy cover, is a simple item that will help to shade a baby who is sitting in a car seat. The canopy can also be used at home in rockers, and even in strollers.

Paci-Plushies buddie - plush pacifier holder
2. Paci-Plushies for Pacifiers

Pacifiers can be essential for teething, and they can help to soothe and entertain some babies. With a plush pacifier accessory, babies have something to hold onto while using a pacifier, and parents will have an easily recognizable plushy to help identify a misplaced pacifier at any time. Paci-Plushies are also useful for weaning a child off of a pacifier. They’ll always have the plushy for comfort, even once they’ve outgrown the pacifier itself.

Baby Hat & Blanket Set
3. Baby Hat & Blanket Set

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a newborn nicely wrapped in a baby blanket with a matching hat. Babies love to be wrapped in warmth, and a matching hat and blanket set can provide them with their own little, insulated cocoon. These items are available in fun baby colors, with striking spotted designs, and any parent or family friend should consider these as being on the newborn essentials list of things to buy. baby-hat- blanket-set

Baby Bandanna Bibs
4. Baby Bibs for Play and Feeding Time

Bibs help to keep your baby clean when they’re being fed, or even when they are playing. Today, it’s easy for parents and friends to buy bibs that are both cute and useful, and they come in a variety of fun designs. The classic large bibs are great for feeding, whereas something more unique like bandana bibs can be used daily to help keep a baby clean from dribble, throw up, or anything else.

deer baby blanket navy
5. Baby Blankets

Whether used for a crib, for a dressing station, or even as a soft and comfortable spot for a baby to sit on the floor, baby blankets are one of the most important items on the newborn essentials list. These blankets will be useful all the way up until a baby begins to walk, so it’s important for parents to choose high-quality items that will last well into the future. Baby blankets should be a decent size (around 28 x 40 inches). Having a minky dot type of fabric on the underside will not only make the blanket soft but can also help with grip on carpet or other surfaces.

Get Started with the Newborn Essentials List

Now parents and friends will have the perfect list to go ahead and get the right items for a newborn baby. Purchasing online allows for convenience and can also mean getting better prices than in local stores. Buying online also allows for more choice, and is recommended for any parent or family friend who is searching for the essentials, or even a special gift.


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